To-Dos and Not-To-Dos during preparations for exhibition-transportation

All deliveries bound for exhibitions abroad are imposed a two-way tight control of the customs authorities during both their entrance to and exit from the relevant countries. It is not a rare practice for such deliveries being opened for a thorough examination at the customs gate of some countries.

Therefore, packaging of the materials should have a high quality, and all materials inside these packages should be encased in wooden cases.

- Cases should be appropriate for handling by forklifts, i.e. palletized handling;
- Cases should be strongly built so as to accommodate other cases over them;
- Cases should have a cover and locks which will make them opened/closed easily;
- Cases should have a nylon wrapping over them for not being affected by adverse weather conditions; and
- Each case should be labeled appropriately. This is of great significance in ultimately placing the cases in the right hall and right stand after their arriving at the country of the exhibition.

Standard phases of transportation bound for exhibitions abroad
- Giving detailed information to exhibitor companies on how to prepare the documents and packaging;
- Delivery of duly-prepared dispatch materials and documents;
- Outbound-customs procedures in Turkey;
- Transportation of goods to the country of exhibition by the most convenient means;
- Inbound-customs procedures at the country of exhibition;
- Placing the goods at the stand;
- Storing the empty cases;
- Collection of the goods at the end of the exhibition;
- Outbound-customs procedures at the country of the exhibition;
- Transportation of the goods back to Turkey;
- Return-customs procedures in Turkey; and
- Delivery of the goods back to the exhibitor company.

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